Best hormone replacement therapy for men

For those who want to avoid estrogens in any form, phytoestrogens from plants are a consideration. A soy extract that provides at least 50 mg of soy phytoestrogens are often a key ingredient for effective natural estrogen replacement therapy. Based upon records of dietary soy consumption inJapan, where breast cancer incidence is very low, daily soy isoflavone intake has been estimated at 50 mg per day. The typical Western diet, on the other hand, only provides 1 to 5 mg a day of the soy isoflavones that may protect against several forms of cancer.

Is one BHRT therapy formula better than the other?  Is it better to pursue custom compounded bioidentical hormones?  These are the types of common questions people ask when looking into natural hormone replacement.  The answer is usually that there is a best bioidentical hormone replacement therapy formula for you , but not necessarily a best formula for everyone.  In other words, you cannot likely go into the doctor’s office and say “I want that bioidentical formula that my neighbor is on because I hear it is the best bioidentical hormone replacement therapy”.  Instead, your doctor will do tests and ask detailed questions about your history and maybe your family history before deciding which specific formula, or if you so choose which custom compounded mix, might work best for you.  So, to be fair, perhaps we can say that each doctor likely has a list of all of the mixes that she or he feel are the best bioidentical hormones, but he or she likely does not choose one or two exclusively because in the field of BHRT everyone is quite unique.

Dr. Mark Richards is one of a handful of nationally and internationally recognized experts in the emerging field of bio-identical pellet hormone therapy. He instructs physicians in how to start this therapy in their practices. He also lectures to physicians at medical specialty conferences (Plastic Surgery and Anti-Aging) regarding the extensive science of the last 70 years supporting the use of bio-identical hormone pellets to enhance and restore health and well-being in aging humans. He has practiced and taught Plastic Surgery for over 21 years, and has practiced and educated others in bio-identical pellet therapy since 2008. He is board certified in Plastic Surgery.

Best hormone replacement therapy for men

best hormone replacement therapy for men


best hormone replacement therapy for menbest hormone replacement therapy for menbest hormone replacement therapy for menbest hormone replacement therapy for menbest hormone replacement therapy for men