Dhea to raise testosterone

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I am 24 and have been suffering from extreme menstrual cramps since the first time I got my period, when I was 12. When I was 16, I went on the pill for about 3-4 years to try to get it under control. It worked for a little while but eventually the pain returned, so I stopped taking it. That was 4 years ago and since then I have altered my diet (cut out caffeine, meat, dairy, eggs, and eat very little gluten) and eat mostly fruits, veggies, beans, nuts and natural oils like olive oil. My cramps have gotten a little better, I can go to work most of the time if I’ve taken enough Advil, but still in a lot of pain. I have gone to two different gynecologist’s (who both tried to put me back on the pill) and a naturopath for a few months (but it got too expensive to keep going, so I’m not even sure if that was helping). Within the past 6 months though, the pain has moved to my lower back and side, and it was never there before. It used to hurt in between my thighs at the top, but not anymore. It always hurts in my abdomen. My back and abdomen is typically very swollen and tender during my period. I get cramps for the first day or two and then they go away. I’ve also experienced sharper pains in areas of my abdomen. Why is the pain changing and moving all of the sudden and is there anything I can do to finally get rid of this once and for all? Feeling frustrated and discouraged.

Some studies do not report back significant improvements in insulin sensitivity have used 50mg daily for 3 months in otherwise healthy overweight aged men with low (less than 1500ng/mL) DHEA; DHEA did not even trend towards significance, and appeared to have no directional effect. [65] This lack of efficacy resulting in no trend towards significance has been noted elsewhere with doses that should normally work. [79] [80] In post-menopausal women where DHEA would not show efficacy, the combination of DHEA and mixed exercises did not create efficacy of DHEA. [81]

Dhea to raise testosterone

dhea to raise testosterone


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