Does low testosterone cause weight gain

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4. You're depressed and/or anxious.
While low testosterone likely isn't the sole cause of anyone's depression, research shows it could also have a hand in the disease. In a study of women, ages 25 to 46, those with low testosterone were more likely to be depressed. Other research shows that women with prolonged testosterone deficiency are often both more anxious and more depressed than women with normal testosterone levels.
5. You have a weak grip.
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Osteoporosis, which causes weak bones, is often considered a women's disease because low estrogen is a key factor in lost bone density. But research shows that low levels of testosterone can leach strength from your skeleton as well, according to Harvard Health . Both men and women who have low levels of testosterone are considered "frail" partially because they can no longer hold a firm handshake. For most women, lack of estrogen will be the main reason osteoporosis sets in, especially following menopause, when the hormone drops dramatically. But replacing estrogen may not be enough if testosterone is also out of balance.

Men with low testosterone often report poor concentration, says Steven Kaplan, MD, professor of urology at New York-Presbyterian Hospital/Weill Cornell Medical Center and director of the Iris Cantor Men's Health Center. Some studies have found a connection between cognitive function, memory, and testosterone (even a link between low testosterone and Alzheimer's disease), but that doesn't mean you'll become a crossword whiz or never lose your keys if you've got ample amounts of testosterone. Memory and testosterone both decrease with age. Scientists are still trying to figure out exactly how one influences the other.

Does low testosterone cause weight gain

does low testosterone cause weight gain


does low testosterone cause weight gaindoes low testosterone cause weight gaindoes low testosterone cause weight gaindoes low testosterone cause weight gaindoes low testosterone cause weight gain