Eq cycle for endurance

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The 90mph winds of a storm named ‘Doris’ blew across the Silverstone circuit as the Mercedes F1 W08 made its official debut. Designed to maximize the performance opportunities offered by the new for 2017 technical regulations the W08 has specifically been designed to be versatile and have sufficient scope for an in season development rate expected to be among the fastest ever in Formula One.

Mercedes has changed the naming convention of its cars for 2017, dropping the word ‘hybrid’ in favour of ‘EQ Power+.’ The name EQ stands for “Electric Intelligence” (though surely that should be EI?) and according to the press release is derived from the Mercedes-Benz brand values of “Emotion and Intelligence”. EQ aims to make electric mobility simple, comfortable, safe and accessible for everybody. From the forthcoming facelift of the S-Class, all future Mercedes-Benz Plug-In Hybrids will carry the designation “EQ Power”. And the launch of the F1 W08 EQ Power+ makes the new F1 car the first Mercedes-AMG Hybrid to receive the “EQ Power+” designation, which will be used on all future Mercedes-AMG performance hybrids.

Eq cycle for endurance

eq cycle for endurance


eq cycle for enduranceeq cycle for enduranceeq cycle for enduranceeq cycle for enduranceeq cycle for endurance