Eq haste items stack

In a Reddit thread Guide Moregan explained why he left and gives the reader plenty of insight as to the level of mismanagement and apathy in the current CSR system on P1999. As a Guide myself on the original EQ, I am well acquainted with how the original Guide Program was structured and how it was administered by SOE/Verant. Along with one dedicated GM Admin assigned to each server, each EQ server had 2-3 senior Guides, with approximately 15-20 Guides and often about 10 Apprentice Guides. There was also a special team of Guides called the SWAT Team that would rove from server to server processing high petition queues. To my knowledge (realize that there is no public info available on the number of GM, and Guides and who they are) the number of active Guides previously to Moregan’s departure was about 3 with 2 Senior Guides. That number of CSR staff is abysmally low and explains why most P1999 Guides got burned out and eventually quit.

Christmas is coming UNBANNING:
- Unbanned 68 IP bans
-unbanned 253 accounts
- removed all bans, except ban reasons for stealing
New Items, Quests
- New Xmas Auch Anti Ele weapons for all players for 1 month from - (vendor Santa in shop zones)
- New Xmas Daily quests for Bravery mark from npc Santa
Core fixes and changes:
- min. contact range fix for gameobjects (for example traps)
- max Dodge changed to max 90% dodge chance, it will solve a lot of problems in pvp and pve
- pvs scan fixed core errors in 24 functions
- Threat bugs - threat can not be negative, added prevention to core
- Fix pet action bar after reloading UI
- fix player kicking (avoid of crashes, this function is function KickPlayer is used by gm commands, anticheats and another functions)
Class changes and fixes
- Warlock Voidwalker spell Sacrifice increased damage absorb +200%
- Warlock spell Inferno - Infernal damage increased, hp increased, armor increased, disabled removing of required Infernal Stone, duration of Infernal increased from 15sec to 30sec, increased haste from 2sec to 1sec/dmg
- Hunter spell Bestial Wrath - fixed imunity vs. stun effects from spells Intercept, Hamstring and Seduction
- Hunter spell Arcane shot - damage change -5%
- Warrior spell Rend - fixed not working last rank, increased damage by lowering of dmg tick from 3sec to 1,5sec/dmg
- All class resistance - lowered resistance 10-20 down for all players (removed resistances from all shirts, delete cache for visible shirts correctly)
Battleground changes and fixes
- Alterac Valley balanced HP, damage, levels, spells and other problems of main boss guards on both sides
- Alterac Valley - repaired bad factions on 2 guards (Icewing Marshall and Prospector Stonehewer)
Dungeon changes
MC Golemagg the Incinerator - lowered all resist -100 and level -20, this boss had a lot of resist
MC Shazzrah - lowered all resist -100 and level -20, this boss had a lot of resist

Eq haste items stack

eq haste items stack