Equipoise birthing homunculi

- The album will more than likely be a digipack.
- We will probably do an order of 100 unless we sell out and demand is still there.
- There is no limit to the amount you can order, so long as you let me know before I request payment...
- If you want signatures, understand our bassist is in Italy and it would be extremely costly to get him to sign it as well. If you'd like to go that route, we CAN, but that cost is on you. Otherwise Steven and I are still more than willing to sign.
- We have NO plans for merch yet, but we have not counted out the possibility. It will depend on CD sales/ future band plans.

Although we are exploring the long-term cycles created by Jupiter Saturn, Nessus, Pluto, Ixion, and Quaoar, we must realize the faster moving planets and asteroids move through this part of the heavens quite often and so too create additional synodic cycles with these planets. These faster cycles, which are not discussed, augment, or nest in, the longer-term cycles. Earth, of course, moves through this part of the heavens every year. I mention various Earth-planet synods only when Earth is conjoining one of the long-term synods.

Although most modern scholars say the dogs belonging to Boötes, all chasing the Bear, energetically I find this disconcerting. Who would chase a bear, with dogs? The primary stars of Canes Venatici lie under the auspices of Benetnash, and conjoin Denebola of Leo, all exuding a quality of manipulation, diversionary tactics, commotion, smoke screens, foul breezes, and foul play. The quality of Boötes certainly is far more refined, as is that of the Virgin. Either way, I assert Boötes to be protector regarding the proper use of creative and reproductive powers, ensuring the proper energetics and environmental conditions for the safe birth and ascension of souls, and standing against the fallen (corrupt) patriarchal world powers—honoring and protecting the Virgin principle, not as a mere herdsman of barking dogs.

Equipoise birthing homunculi

equipoise birthing homunculi


equipoise birthing homunculiequipoise birthing homunculiequipoise birthing homunculiequipoise birthing homunculiequipoise birthing homunculi