Haldol decanoate reviews

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For Psychosis: "I had a very spiritual experience where I was having convos with spirits unseen. This was disturbing to my family members and because they did not understand what was happening I got upset at them. They called the doc etc. and I was taken to the hospital for observation. After few weeks being there they forced haldol on me. My conscienceness got lower and I eventually came down from those levels. I got 5 mg oral. They slowly got me off the meds and I was sent home. When I stopped with the meds I got a deep psychose. But was protected by my ancestors. Side effects: lowers IQ, drooling, no happy moments for you. Bad medicine. Used on horses. Made in Belgium by docs who don't know how it feels to have a psychose."

Haldol (haloperidol): "Ah, I have a mixed review of Haldol. I started it years ago for psychosis. I've been on many different antipsychotics and for me the older typical ones work better than the newer atypicals. For a while I was so sick I was on both Haldol and Thorazine. That combo really helped a lot. After years of 15 mg of Haldol a day I developed pseudoparkinsonism. I would shake, I had trouble walking, I couldn't write (couldn't form the letters with a pen), and I was drooling all the time. My doctor told me I wasn't allowed to drive for 6 months. Eventually it got to the point that my neurologist began to question the pseudoparkinsonism diagnosis -- she thought I was developing actual Parkinson's Disease. I think I'm done with Haldol."

Haldol decanoate reviews

haldol decanoate reviews


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