Hormone treatment for men

As men and women age their testosterone levels diminish. Testosterone is known as the Hormone of Desire . In middle-aged men, low testosterone symptoms (Low T) or Andropause start to appear. Some of the most profound symptoms of low testosterone are - feeling extremely tired all day, unexpected weight gain especially increased belly fat, loss of muscle or muscles getting flabby, low sex drive or a complete lack of desire, softer erections or complete erectile dysfunction, inability to sleep or outright insomnia, memory and hair loss, bursts of anger, social withdrawal and depression.

It was the ethical questions that were new. Is GH not a wise use of finite healthcare resources, or is the physician’s primary responsibility to the patient? If GH is given to most extremely short children to make them taller, will the definition of “extremely short” simply rise, negating the expected social benefit? If GH is given to short children whose parents can afford it, will shortness become a permanent mark of lower social origins? More of these issues are outlined in the ethics section. Whole meetings were devoted to these questions; pediatric endocrinology had become a specialty with its own bioethics issues.

Last year at the end of Browne's season with the Buffalo Beauts, he released a YouTube video that showed how difficult it was to decide between hormone therapy and hockey. "I just simply can't really go on moving on to these pivotal moments in my life...I'm turning 24 years old, I'm starting my career off the ice...And I do not want to start a job and pursue a career as a pre-op trans man that's viewed as a woman in society. I get misgendered all the time ...I played hockey for 15 years and made a huge career out of it...I milked it for as long as I could," he said.

Hormone treatment for men

hormone treatment for men


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