Remedies for low testosterone

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3 years ago my blood pressure, usually low any how, dropped down to 85/50. Somewhere I found that FRESH juice of beetroot should help. INDEED. I started with twice a day ~200ml of home fresh made juice. After 5 days I noticed forts imrpovement: I was not falling asleep on my office desk. After a month I was OK to make long trip (1000 km drive). In the 2nd month I limited the juice to once a day a glass of ~200 ml. Later was on half a glas and than twice a week.
Unfortunately when everything was OK I dropped the juice. Now my blood presure was down again so since two weeks I am checking the method on myself again and again have to say IT'S working
The juice should not be older than 24h, the best is beetween 2-5 h after making

Remedies for low testosterone

remedies for low testosterone


remedies for low testosteroneremedies for low testosteroneremedies for low testosteroneremedies for low testosteroneremedies for low testosterone