Saw palmetto decrease testosterone

generally, Saw Palmetto do not have any side effects that we wouldn’t want to. Saw palmetto for men – fights prostate, and the ‘good’ side effect is that Saw Palmetto also cure baldness.
For women – saw palmetto regulates the levels of estrogen and progesterone, and the ‘good’ side effect is to improve the potency and appearance of skin. Also in this case the side-effect is beneficial for us.
So far, there are not observed any negative side effects of Saw Palmetto, even when was taken higher dose than recommended.
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A study assessing the affects of several herbal medications including saw palmetto on platelet function in adult volunteers found no effect of saw palmetto on platelets after 2 weeks at the recommended dose. 47 However, there has been 1 case report linking saw palmetto to intraoperative hemorrhage. 48 A 53-year-old white man with normal preoperative prothrombin time and activated partial thromboplastin time underwent surgical resection of meningioma. Surgery was terminated early after administration of 4 liters of crystalloid fluids, 4r units of packed red blood cells, 3 units of pooled platelets, and 3 units of fresh frozen plasma. After surgery, the patient had an elevated bleeding time, which normalized over the next 5 days. No other medication use or events were reported that could be linked to the elevated bleeding time; saw palmetto dose, duration of therapy, or manufacturer were not reported in the case report.

Saw palmetto decrease testosterone

saw palmetto decrease testosterone


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