Testerone boosters

The second theory is similar and is known as "evolutionary neuroandrogenic (ENA) theory of male aggression". [77] [78] Testosterone and other androgens have evolved to masculinize a brain in order to be competitive even to the point of risking harm to the person and others. By doing so, individuals with masculinized brains as a result of pre-natal and adult life testosterone and androgens enhance their resource acquiring abilities in order to survive, attract and copulate with mates as much as possible. [77] The masculinization of the brain is not just mediated by testosterone levels at the adult stage, but also testosterone exposure in the womb as a fetus. Higher pre-natal testosterone indicated by a low digit ratio as well as adult testosterone levels increased risk of fouls or aggression among male players in a soccer game. [79] Studies have also found higher pre-natal testosterone or lower digit ratio to be correlated with higher aggression in males. [80] [81] [82] [83] [84]

If you are mainly interested in gaining muscle mass, then you might try stacking your test booster with protein powder. Test boosters work to both eliminate fat and help build lean muscle mass, which is why if you stack it with a protein powder while regularly lifting weights, you should see some serious progress. The two work together very well to stimulate muscle growth and recovery. Related Reviews: Best Creatine Supplements of 2017 Best Whey Protein of 2017 Best Brain Supplements of 2017 Best Natural Sleep Aid Supplements 2017 Filed Under: Top Reviews

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Testerone boosters

testerone boosters


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