Testosterone cream men

TestaEdge helps you maintain healthy level of testosterone naturally and safely. The herbal extracts boost testosterone production as TestaEdge is absorbed into the skin. TestaEdge applies clean and dries quickly whether you use it just before exercise to enhance your performance or before sexual activity to improve your experience. TestaEdge can easily be applied behind the legs, inner arms, upper chest, or stomach to help keep you testosterone levels where they need to be to keep your health where you want it to be. Read More…

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For Troches
* Rotate the area in the mouth where you place the medication for each dose. This will reduce the risk of mouth irritation.
* It usually takes about 30 min for the troche to dissolve. Do not drink, eat or brush until your dose is dissolved. This will help to keep the medication out of the digestive tract.
* To maintain a consistent blood level, you should take the medication at the same time every day.
* How to place the troche in your mouth. When you are ready to put a troche in your mouth. Place the troche up against your gum and cheeks. Gently push the troche as deep as it will go between your cheeks and gums. Take your finger out of your mouth and push on the troche from the outside of your cheeks for at least 30 seconds. The troche should stick to your gum. It is okay if it sticks to your cheek instead of your gum. Wash hands after administration.

Use the medication as prescribed by your doctor.

The information provided is not intended to cover all possible uses. This information is generalized and not intended as specific medical advice. If you have questions about the use of your prescription, please contact your prescriber.

Testosterone cream men

testosterone cream men


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