Testosterone with age


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Hello sir,
This is saravanan
First of all thank you so much for your kind replay…in your replay you told me that to increase the level naturally what can i do sir? sir i have already informed you that,iam having the serum testosterone below normal level…ie) ng/ml and iam having one small doubt sir,ie) if serum testosterone is low it leads to have sexual tempering problem ie)(tempering for some time,after that getting sexual feeling undesire,then gets tempering,,)…bcoz iam having this problem also sir… so iam asking sir..plese don’t mistake me .. but now i can’t go anywhere due to exam preparation and also having some financial problems..but after 2 year i can go for treatment..it’s ok sir after 2 years for treatment otherwise i have to take the step immediately…please give me some suggestion sir..iam waiting for your replay…
Thanking you

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Testosterone with age

testosterone with age


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