What causes lack of testosterone

In the rare event that you get a cyst or tumor in the anorectal area (which is about the last six inches of the large intestine – the end of the ‘poop’ canal), then the hemorrhoidal veins may come under increased pressure because the growth pushes on or pinches those veins. This can cause hemorrhoids or make them worse. Of course, if you have a cyst or tumor in that area that’s big enough to affect the veins, then you’ve also got a major health problem that makes hemorrhoids look like peanuts by comparison. However, if you’re trying to deal with such a major health problem, then it’s a fair bet that hemorrhoids are an unwelcome and uncomfortable complication.

Common Causes of Fatigue Metabolic/
Endocrine anemia ; hypothyroidism ; diabetes ; electrolyte abnormalities; kidney disease ; liver disease ; Cushing's disease Infectious infectious mononucleosis ; hepatitis ; tuberculosis ; cytomegalovirus ; HIV infection; influenza ( flu ); malaria and many other infectious diseases Cardiac (heart) and Pulmonary ( lungs ) congestive heart failure ; coronary artery disease ; valvular heart disease ; COPD ; asthma ; arrythmias; pneumonia Medications antidepressants ; anti- anxiety medications; sedative medications; medication and drug withdrawal; antihistamines ; steroids; some blood pressure medications; some antidepressants Psychiatric ( Mental Health ) depression ; anxiety ; drug abuse ; alcohol abuse ; Eating disorders (for example; bulimia ; anorexia ); grief and bereavement Sleep Problems sleep apnea ; reflux esophagitis ; insomnia ; narcolepsy ; shift work or work shift changes; pregnancy ; Extra night hours at "work" Vitamin Deficiencies vitamin B12 deficiency, vitamin D deficiency , folic acid deficiency, iron deficiency Other cancer ; rheumatology illnesses such as rheumatoid arthritis and systemic lupus ; fibromyalgia ; chronic fatigue syndrome; normal muscle exertion; obesity ; chemotherapy and radiation therapy

What causes lack of testosterone

what causes lack of testosterone


what causes lack of testosteronewhat causes lack of testosteronewhat causes lack of testosteronewhat causes lack of testosteronewhat causes lack of testosterone