When to treat low testosterone

Hi , amazing to read others in the same boat as me! I have suffered from h pylori for about 4 years now and it has been a nightmare. It affected me on a daily basis but at its worst it’s the not sleeping that was killing me. I’ve had all the symptoms major fatigue, bloating, sore heads, sweats, run down , feeling faint etc
I work as a gardener in Scotland and the amount of dog mess i had to go through whilst grass cutting was certainly the culprit.
I was constantly at the docs and getting line after line of anti biotics until i realised they were making me worse. I found pro biotic drinks certainly helped but not cured it but my love of alcohol and spicy food had to be done at a minimum​! After doing my own research i decided to try mastic gum tablets which didn’t do too much for me but i did find tablets which made a world of difference. CARNOSOOTHE changed my life last year and after speaking to a specialist before my last endoscopy we both agreed that one of the main ingredients of Liquorice had done the trick! In the last few weeks I’ve felt run down again with similar symptoms and as usual can’t work out if it’s the h pylori or a bug so I’ve ordered another tub of these tablets (about £20 for 60 online).
I will let you know how these tablets work again but last year they certainly worked within week or so. I hope my experience of this can help others as it is a horrible infection.
Good luck

Chronic fatigue syndrome and low body temperatures are symptoms of mitochondrial failure. As the body’s core temperature decreases cellular energy also decreases thereby leading to profound and chronic fatigue that is not relieved by sleep. The normal functions of maintenance, repair and cleansing are slowed and problems develop when body temperatures drop below normal. When the body temperature is low, the body cannot maintain its homeostasis/balance in the way it was designed. The actions of enzymes, vitamins, minerals and essential body chemicals become "depressed".

When to treat low testosterone

when to treat low testosterone


when to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosteronewhen to treat low testosterone